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About Us

Reverberi was founded in 1962 by Cesare Reverberi, in Via Emilia San Pietro (Reggio Emilia), from where the company moved in 1976 to Via Vespucci, before moving again in 1993 to the new premises in Via Terezin 15, where new professional figures were introduced and new vehicles acquired with a view to improving the quality of the services offered. In 2003, the company expanded to occupy no. 17 next door, thus doubling the size of its premises.

In 2009, in the light of the new measures contained in Regional Law no. 19/2004 and in the new Regulations of the Mortuary Police of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, Casa Funeraria Reverberi (Reverberi Funeral Home) was inaugurated.

Over the years, the company has received several visits from professionals in the sector and from foreign delegations with a particular interest in the evolution of funeral services: in 2006 we hosted a delegation of over 20 people from Finland, followed by a group from Russia in 2008, and with both, means of collaboration and training opportunities were established. In 2011, Reverberi was among the companies visited by participants on the FUSEMBA European Master’s Course for Technical Directors of Funeral Services, and in July 2013 it was one of the first five funeral services companies in Italy – and the first in Emilia Romagna, to obtain ISO 9001 Quality Certification for compliance with the UNI EN 15017 standard, regarding both the company itself and the running of the Funeral Home.

Thanks to its long experience and excellent professional skills, Reverberi is constantly working to provide invaluable support to clients who have suffered a bereavement.


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