Prepaid plans

Prepaid plans

Tomorrow programme

TOMORROW PROGRAMME is an innovative service devised by FENIOF SERVICE s.r.l., a member of the National Funeral Directors’ Federation, aimed at providing a modern response to a genuine need on the part of users.

TOMORROW PROGRAMME allows for a smooth solution to all the problems connected with a death, by offering the purchaser a funeral service arranged in advance, including all the related services, as well as covering the cost of transport from any distance to the place of burial.

TOMORROW PROGRAMME is available only from Funeral Companies that are enrolled on the Register of FENIOF SERVICE s.r.l. and have signed the Code of Practice for the sector.

To subscribe to the TOMORROW PROGRAMME:
1) Visit A Funeral Director enrolled on the Register.
2) Discuss and define in detail all the funeral services you require and come to an agreement on the total cost.
3) Sign the TOMORROW PROGRAMME containing a detailed description of the core and accessory services agreed upon.
4) An insurance policy will be drafted for the services arranged, with payments made directly to FENIOF SERVICE.

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