Funeral Services

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Funeral Services

All stages of the funeral service can be customised to meet individual needs, but the procedure is composed of a number of features that remain the same in all cases:

Welcoming the family

When a family suffers a bereavement, we welcome them to our offices to analyse their requests and needs regarding the funeral service (religious, cultural, financial aspects…) and to draw up an agreement. At this stage, the relatives decide upon the details of the funeral service, assisted by our qualified staff:

  • Means of burial or cremation
  • The organisation of the ceremony
  • The coffin and accessories, and the funeral urn where required
  • Mementoes and the publication of the death notices in daily papers and/or boards locally, as well as on our website
  • Flower arrangements for the funeral parlour and for the ceremony, which may be ordered from our qualified suppliers or by others of the family’s choice.

Preparation of the deceased

At this stage, the deceased is washed, prepared and dressed by our qualified operators.

Display and visits

Depending on the family’s requests, the deceased may be visited at the family home, at the mortuary or at the funeral home. We take care of transport from one place to another, and during the period in which the deceased may be visited, we assist the family in any way required (visits to the place where the deceased is displayed, ordering flowers, including on the part of people close to the family, etc.).

Funeral ceremony

The funeral ceremony begins with the transport of the deceased from the area s/he is displayed in to the place where the service is to be held, carried out using our vehicles and qualified staff.
The ceremony is composed of a number of stages:

  • Brief farewell or religious blessing at the place the deceased is displayed
  • The ceremony itself, held at a place of worship (church, mosque, etc.) or at the funeral home
  • Farewell at the cemetery of place of burial

The family may decide to hold a complete ceremony as described, or simply one of the stages it is composed of (for example a brief religious or lay farewell at the place of display or burial).

Burial or cremation

Depending on the family’s requests, the deceased may be buried in a cemetery, below ground, in a niche or in a family tomb. In the event cremation is preferred, at the end of the funeral ceremony the coffin will be accompanied to the crematorium. The ashes of the deceased may then be taken to rest in a tomb or niche, buried, scattered in the environment or given to the family to take home. At the request of the deceased’s relatives, we are able to place orders for marble works and inscriptions with our qualified independent suppliers or with others specifically requested by the family.

At all stages of the organisation of the funeral, we are able to accompany our clients and assist them with bureaucratic procedures required by public and private bodies, both in Italy and abroad.

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