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It can happen that the death of a loved one coincides with other events, and that the moral and emotional aspects and concerns are joined by others of a financial nature.
We are able to facilitate the procedures and expenses a funeral involves by offering personalised credit plans for a variety of amounts and payment terms.


We are able to organise all kinds of ceremonies, lay or religious, whatever your beliefs or requirements may be, thanks to the on-going professional training our staff undertake whenever and wherever available.


Client satisfaction is Reverberi’s principal aim: if you are a client, please fill out the client satisfaction questionnaire to help us continually improve the service we offer. Link


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  • Administrative procedures
  • Purchase of niches, headstones, graves…
  • Entombment and burial
  • Ordinary cemetery operations
  • Cremations, funeral urns/scattering of ashes
  • Providing and affixing funeral notices
  • Printing cards, mementoes, etc.
  • Floral decorations
  • Collection of the deceased
  • Funeral transport

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