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Value for the client 

The company is able to offer clients a range of services:

  • Taking care of administraive procedures at municipal offices, local health boards, hospitals, public and private care homes for the elderly, homes, courts, airports, embassies, consulates.
  • Booking services to fly the deceased and their family to and from any destination.
  • Purchase from local entities of temporary or permanent burial facilities and accessories: niches, gravestones, tombs, memorial chapels, etc.
  • Reservation and carrying out of ordinary cemetery operations (entombment in niches or family tombs) and/or extraordinary cemetery operations, including burial services.
  • Reserving cremations and having the funeral urn sent to the ceremony, or scattering of the ashes services, as well as burial of the urn at private homes.
  • Reservation and affixing of death notices on public notice boards and payment of the relevant fees to the municipal council.
  • Ordering memento cards, photographs (with retouching service), thank you cards, condolence books, etc. from leading companies in the sector
  • Publication of death announcements in local, national and foreign newspapers, as well as directly on the website.
  • Reservation of flower arrangements and wreaths, which may be personalised, at our offices, by telephone or directly online.
  • Recovery and transport of the deceased from the place of death to the place where the body is to be displayed or where the farewell service is to be held, recovery of corpses following death in violent circumstances.
  • Washing, preparing and dressing the deceased, carried out by our properly trained, updated and authorised staff.

We have always paid close attention to the methods and procedures necessary for organising funeral transport, carried out punctually, professionally and in compliance with the pertinent regulations.

The company places a Funeral Home at the disposal of clients, as an alternative to holding a wake at home or in a mortuary facility. Here, friends and relatives can spend their last moments with their loved one privately and peacefully. Both religious and lay ceremonies may be held in the Funeral Home.

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