Infortunistica Taddia Claims Handling

Infortunistica Taddia

Since 2012, our company has been an affiliate of Taddia Group, an agency specialised in handling claims for damages resulting from road accidents, injuries in the workplace and cases of medical malpractice. The agency liaises between the client and the Insurance Company in order to avoid the client having to pay legal fees.

Our fees are paid by the insurance companies: damages are paid to the client in full.

No expenses upfront, 100% damages paid.

Contacting TADDIA Group restores peace of mind after an accident, entrusting handling of the damages claim to specialised consultants able to offer Clients the full benefit of their experience and professional skills in order to obtain timely, efficient payment of damages on the part of the Insurance Companies.

Taddia Group therefore deals with every aspect of a claim for damages, regarding both automobile liability insurance and private accident insurance policies. The victim is assisted every step of the way, offering a complete guarantee with the convenience of having a single contact person to deal with.

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