Flower arrangements

Flowers accompany us throughout our lives, in our moments of greatest joy and in those of greatest difficulty. With their subtle, reserved beauty and elegance, flowers create the warm atmosphere in which we are able to say goodbye to our loved ones.

We take care of ordering flowers, both for the family of the deceased and, throughout the day, on behalf of anyone else who would like to send flowers to the family.

We are able to order all kinds of flower arrangements, from the simplest to the most unusual, personalised options. The photographs below are merely indicative: for all orders and for how to personalise flower arrangements, please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. As regards payment, we offer several solutions: bank transfer or payment made directly at our offices, in cash or by credit/ATM card.

Photographs courtesy of FENIOF and Ufficio Olandese dei Fiori, partners of Onoranze Funebri Reverberi.

Click to the slideshow to see larger images.

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