Company policy

Company policy

The company has adopted and subscribes to the principles set forth in the Marchio IFI code of conduct.

Respect for the deceased and their family, respect for all religions and cultures, confidentiality regarding the needs of the families the funeral services are arranged for.

The company has adopted a management system for the purpose of defining and simply, consistently applying a series of clearly documented rules and operating procedures that allow for the proper organisation and efficient management of company processes.
The definition and planning of the system is based on mapping and optimising process, correctly assigning tasks and responsibilities in relation with the regulations governing Quality, Health and Safety. Efficiency and efficacy are the main criteria the system is to be judged upon, so the documentation and activities of Onoranze Funebri Reverberi are focused on achieving the objectives set and optimising company resources, supported by actions designed to guarantee on-going improvement. Auditing, data analysis, problem management, attention to client satisfaction and the suggestions that come from staff are, together with our strategic guidelines, the elements considered during the regular reviews conducted by the Management.

The main objectives pursued by Onoranze Funebri Reverberi in terms of quality management are:

  • client satisfaction and loyalty
  • professional, specialised services
  • respect for contractual requisites and suitability for the purpose
  • verifying results and dealing with failure to comply with standards of service
  • close attention to customers’ needs
  • punctual, painstaking service
  • knowledge and observance of laws and regulations governing the services provided
  • compliance with the management requisites set out in the ISO 9001:2008 standard and the Guidelines established by UNI EN 15017:2006

The main objectives pursued by Onoranze Funebri Reverberi in terms of workplace health and safety are:

  • care and attention towards health and safety in the workplace when planning and handling orders
  • implementation of actions designed to minimise accident risk and safeguard the health of both staff and clients.
  • knowledge and observance of laws and regulations governing health and safety
  • providing on-going information and training to workers on risks, as well as on prevention and protection measures
  • identification and use of individual protection devices suitable for each task carried out
  • active involvement of staff in the implementation of protection and prevention measures, in first aid management and fire prevention and protection
  • promoting a health and safety culture in all activities carried out
  • awareness-raising campaigns against smoking and drug and alcohol use
  • attention to personal hygiene and care of the uniform provided
  • ensuring a clean working environment, service vehicles, funeral cars, machinery/systems and equipment.

The assessment of the impact of activities on health and safety is considered a priority and is binding for all company decisions at organisational and operational level: nothing liable to have a negative impact on the health and safety of workers is considered admissible.
In the interests of everyone, failure to comply with the safety regulations in any way will not be tolerated.

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