Code of conduct

Onoranze Funebri Reverberi s.n.c. undertakes to:

  • guarantee full respect for the ideas, religious beliefs and wishes expressed by the deceased and his/her family.
  • provide clear, exhaustive information on the services offered and the prices charged, by means of the Service Charter and a written cost estimate drawn up based on the requests made, giving clients timely notification of any changes.
  • promptly issue a regular invoice for the services provided.
  • provide clients with prompt, accurate assistance for handling the necessary administrative procedures, in full compliance with the regulations in force.
  • behave ethically and responsibly, in compliance with the laws in force, paying particular attention to regulations governing funeral services, safety in the workplace and respect for the environment.
  • ensure the company’s staff receive constant training and instruction regarding the best procedures to adopt for the treatment of the deceased, with complete respect for the deceased and the pain suffered by the family.
  • ensure honest, honourable, loyal and confidential conduct towards all parties involved, including clients, suppliers, providers of services and institutions.
  • present and advertise the products and services offered clearly, sensitively and with the decorum required.
  • guarantee that in no event shall tips or rewards be given to third parties for the purchase of funeral services or the acquisition of confidential information regarding the health conditions of the dying.
  • comply with the principles of fair competition, by guaranteeing fair, transparent conduct towards sector operators.

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